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Dance First Think Later

13 يونيو، 2016


I was thinking about the title of this book for a long time “Dance First, Think Later”. I have no doubt that thinking before doing
anything is important -at least for me- but the title made me shift my thoughts a little to the other side of the whole thing and I asked myself: Is It necessarily a good thing? To think before everything? Sometimes you have to just act–whether it’s dancing or writing or jumping. I realized that some of the achievements in my life were made completely spontaneously– I did not think, I just wrote or just reacted based on my feeling.

I read several quotes a day. Some of the quotes are often related to things I am thinking about at the time. I like to read these kind of books in the morning with my coffee, thinking about each quote. Sometimes it only takes one line to open up a lot of ideas for me.
.It was a great gift from a dear friend who knows me very well, and knows not to give me an ordinary book of daily reflections

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  • Reply David M 14 نوفمبر، 2016 at 8:45 م

    ?What was your favourite quote so far

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