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Letters to Juliet

4 نوفمبر، 2010


Dear Claire:

WHAT and  IF , are two words as non-threatening…as words can be.

But put them together, side by side ,and they have the power , to haunt you for the rest of  your  Life

What if ?
don’t know how your story ended ,but if what you felt then was true Love…then it’s never too Late . If it was true then ,why wouldn’t it be true now ?*

* Letters to Juliet

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2 تعليقان

  • Reply Dantil 5 نوفمبر، 2010 at 12:37 ص

    Like . :f1:

  • Reply dr.jo 15 فبراير، 2011 at 4:45 م

    when i read the name of movie i thought it is same to all the movies which have the same topic

    but when i saw the movie i said waw bravo..

    ولك ـأيتها المبدعة برافو لقد ـاخترت ـالرسالة التي ـاتمنى ترسل لكل عــاشق وعاشقة :f2: ..

    اشكر ـالصدفة ـالتي جعلتني ـارى هذه ـالمدونة ـالتي أقل ما ـأوصفها بجنة ـالقلم وـالفكر ـالجميل..

    تـ ح ـيه ..

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