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The Nature of Humanity Good or bad ?

23 نوفمبر، 2015

    Humans are complicated creatures. That’s not my idea; I’ve read it and heard it from many different people and I do agree with it. We carry inside us both good and evil, but which is the stronger force?  I want to believe that the good within us is stronger than the bad, but does history and the world as it is today support this? let’s not go deep or far away like that.

       This subject is taking up a lot of my thoughts lately. I have not found the right answer–well, there are  no right answers, just answers that convince us more than others.  Sometimes people like to close their minds by believing that their idea is correct and the other person is wrong. As for me, I keep thinking about the same ideas until I become sick of them-haha. 

         Of course sometimes it’s better to not think at all, even though that may be the hardest thing to do. But, as I said, we are complicated, so I don’t stop thinking because I feel overwhelmed by the complexity. Instead, I read a lot about it and think: “Hmm, what If I solve this matter that no one has solved before?” Haha.

           Ok, let’s start from the beginning. This idea started bothering me when I was out of work and desperately trying to find something to fill my time with, even stuff I don’t usually like. I started watching a lot of TV shows.  Two shows that made an impact on me were “Revolution” and “The Walking Dead.” I thought: “Oh, are we really like this? Is the monster inside of us stronger than our humanity? Is our humanity just a lie?”, or we just talk about it when we do not have anything els to deal with!, but when it comes to the realty and we are facing the real deal, we go back to the nature of things “surviving” and we become animals?. 

             It shocked me how much people could be monsters, even in their imagination. I  saw 3 seasons of “The Walking Dead”. I broke down crying in one scene where people who were trying to survive passed by a man running and calling for help. They only thought about themselves and didn’t stop to help him. On the way back they saw the remains of his body, the Zombies had eaten him. I never stopped thinking about this scene. Maybe to some people this is just a TV show, but from my point of view it has strong messages that affect our minds. We all know how much power the media has over us. The ideas and violence we see on TV go into our minds until we actually accept them. 

            Basically, these TV shows are saying that the material world of our civilization is connected to our humanity. The message is that as we lose our technology, we lose our humanity. As the seasons progress, and the characters become further removed from civilization, they stop acting human. they forgot who to care about each other, everyone just thinking about surviving even if that means they will kill everyday to survive, they show us that even children could kill. 

          The message sent to young people is that they are nothing without the material civilization. This made me think: “Is it true?” I’m just asking questions. I really have no clear answers. I was thinking about all of this and then I saw the movie “Lucy”, which added more questions for me. What if we invented something–pills or anything else–that would increase our power.  What would happen? Would the good side in us win or the bad side?. And again is our humanity tied to this inventions?. 

         I’m not trying to solve this matter or even choose a side, I’m writing because this is confusing for me. I want to talk about it and see what others think.  I’ll say it again, we are complicated. The worst thing people do is try to derive logical reasons for every bad thing that happens around us. They make excuses to act bad or evil.  We all fall for that sometimes. 

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